About me

I am interested in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Deep Learning. Concretely, my research interest lies in the Deep Reinforcement Learning framework, where the three ares intersect. Currently, I am working at the KT research group and am writing my Master's thesis on explainable Deep Reinforcement Learning. In 2022, I start my Ph.D studies at the Autonomous Mobile Manipulation Lab at Örebro University under the WASP program.

About this site

This sites is subject to mainly two ideas:
Firstly, I want to contribute to the community and share my knowledge about topics I care about, especially where I experienced a lack of material or documentation. However, you might also find me writing about topics that are already well covered, in which case I simply wanted to take my spin on a topic. This addresses the blog posts you find on this website.

Secondly, this website serves as my digital business card. Hence, you find some of my projects on here as well. These aim at illustrating a part of my skill-set and, unlike the blog posts, they are not primarily meant to be educational resources.

Cheers, Finn Rietz.

Curriculum Vitae

Feel free to download my CV.

Latest Post

Hokuyo UST-10LX with ROS setup

In this post I describe how to set up and configure a Raspberry Pi 3 to collect laser data from the Hokuyo UST-10LX sensor via ROS.

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